How to judge in a second

I have a sort of talent. At least, I want to believe it is a talent and not just something annoying. Let’s give you the circumstances: if you are the brave one who dares to enter a shoe shop with me, and you show me some shoes, you’ll find me saying ‘No’ with the greatest of ease. One second is enough for me to judge whether I want to give that shoe a chance. The problem is, now I spend my time in shoe shops saying ‘No’ all the time. I just can’t find beautiful shoes. Although, today I saw a very basic black pair of boots with heels (4 cm, approximately, for the ones interested). But I need a second opinion. Such a scaredy cat I am.
So, a few seconds and I deem like a god. My friend and I are searching for a good song to dance on, but eerm, we don’t find any song that a) doesn’t force us to go hiphop, b) is not too classical and c) of which the length is 3-5 minutes. (Help us. Please help) We’ve been searching for it, we’ve been listening to songs, but a few seconds and…. ‘No’. The rhythm. The sentimental piano. Too emotional. Too classic. No no no. There are always reasons to throw something away, the best option is mostly the one with less reasons to do so. And that’s okay, I think. But nowadays I say ‘No’ so often that I start to believe I have to say ‘Yes’ every now and then.




Com(e) bat to me!

Combat shoes, only freaks wear them, right? Right…?
Well, if that is true, I want to belong to the freaks. Some research learnt me that combats can be very nice. Like these hysterical shoes:

I think they will make your foot look smaller, which is a good thing, because combatstyle shoes make your feet look bigger. Therefore: *like*. And it doesn’t matter if you loose some studs. These deserve to look worn, it will make them even better.
Combatlike heels also exist:

Pretty nice, but the combatspirit is fading here already.
While searching on Google (Google’s 13th birthday today!) for ‘combat shoes’, this was one of the offered pictures:

To secure peace is to prepare war, Metallica has warned us. (Metallica again?! Yes, get over it)
Back to the combats. You might have to search a little, but you will be rewarded.
Fashion Combat Boots For Women

There are also some extreme combats:

If you are a little angry at me now, I can’t blame you. Why could you be angry? Because I’m not getting to the point. None of these are the real combats. I know, I know. Don’t be angry though. Here they are!

I even did the effort to make them links, all of them, so you can click on the pictures if you want more information.
And now I really must go shopping, I think I need some combats…