Worry not…

… I haven’t decided to go living under a rock! However appealing that may be sometimes, I still prefer a duvet. My absence here is actually not because I’ve been hiding from life, but because I’ve been living very much. The past week I went on a skiing holiday, which was so awesome. We were part of a group, though we didn’t know a lot of people of this very group. But it’s entertaining to have all these new and kind people around you. It gives some variety, you know. Next to that, the snow was brilliant. Amazing. Perfect! I can’t remember ever having had suchgood conditions. Temperatures slightly below zero, ‘fresh’ snow, sunlight – it was almost too good to be true.

Well, actually, some people had bad luck, but overall I think for me this holiday was very, very good. It made all my worries about going to Poland and about my grades disappear like snow in the sun, as we say it here. (See what I did there?) As soon as I got home, it started again though.


SNOOOOW source


On Monday I traveled to Poland, on my own. I’ve never traveled alone before. And it wasn’t just taking a plane, it was also taking a taxi and a train, with two heavy cases, and all in Polish. Huzzah! But with the help of the very kind and helpful Polish man, and people in general, all went well. Also, on the plane I had a very kind neighbour girl. We talked in Polish for the full two hours. She was so very kind, a lot of good karma must come her way!

So all went well, and now I’m not scared of anything anymore. (In theory, at least. But still. I feel a little badass.)

I got my grades on that very same Monday, but needless to say I thought all the travel stress was enough for one day. The next day though I couldn’t escape anymore. There are some reasons as to why I couldn’t postpone anymore, and there are some reasons why a failed class would be a giant problem. You see, I don’t have a room in the city of my university anymore, because I rented one of another girl who was gone for the semester. So technically the room was always hers. But when you fail a class, you have to retake the exam, so you have to be in the city of the university.
Which only adds to the joy of looking at yout grades, am I right?

But no stress was need, ’cause I passed them all! And some with flying colours. Especially my languages, which are very important to me, were very good. Oh the happiness, the relief! My friend and now flatmate and I opened a bottle of ‘something’ to celebrate. She got the bottle from another friend and didn’t know what it was. It turned out to be a sort of sweet bubbly wine thing. Lemonade with alcohol basically. But hey, it was good to celebrate!

So that’s what I have been doing for the last week(s). Also, I started a new blog, in my own native language this time, to keep my family and friends updated on what’s going on in my life. (For privacy reasons I’m not sharing the link.) This means though that all my wild adventures (that are hopefully yet to come!) will be posted there and not here. You will get to hear some things about Poland, but mainly this blog is going to be the same as it was. I don’t know if that’s good or bad news to you, but hey, I hope you’re at least happy that I’m still gonna be here 😉

Is it over already?

You might or might not have noticed that I’ve been absent for a while. I was on a much needed holiday – skiing. Nothing makes your mind as clear as skiing. Just broad fields of snow. Your only aim is to get at the end of it without falling. I like that. It cleared my mind, made me feel good, smiley, happy. I needed that after the long time of studying inside. Some fresh air and nothing to remind me of the daily life I would have to dive in again when we would be back home.

But now we’re back home and I had to dive in again.

I discovered I don’t like that. At all. How come my holiday is over already? If you start counting it’s quite sad actually – we spent three months having classes, than more than a month studying, and then: one single week of holiday. One. Single. Week. And thanks to my awesome teachers I already had to do a sort of task meanwhile. How I love that.

At least I have had four days of snow and snow only, with fresh air, sun, good food and my family. I could use some more of that, but it’s good to at least have had that. Now you canexpect me to comment, like and post again. See you seen, my dears.

Dear snow…

First of all, I have to admit I yelled at you, I’ve been angry as hell, cursing and swearing… But understand that you can cause some serious problems and fear. I don’t like falling, but you could have made me do so. That’s why I walk sometimes when you appear. Forgive me for watching you with my most deadly eyes. Because you just made my holiday.

Let me explain. Though you’ve haunted us for two days, you were there, and that quite saved our holiday. University only gives us pathetic beggars seven days to recover from the exhausting hell we’ve been in. Seven days for us hungry dogs to wipe away the memories of stress, frustration, boredom. What’s better to forget everything than running away from everything you know? Leaving it behind for a week. Just to forget and let go and to breathe the freshest air in months.

We ran to the hills. And there were you, extremely white and present (you haven’t left us a single day – only for a few hours). And o dear lord, that feeling, after four long years, of standing on top of a mountain, ready to set off, into the deep. You lay white and lazy in front of us. Dear, dear snow, how on earth could I ever dislike the feeling of speeding down, avoiding piles of snow, avoiding other people, staying upright? After all those years I still don’t know why I like this so much. I tried to figure it out, but you can’t while going down a ski slope. You can’t think of anything. It’s just snow and air and a lift every now and then. Exactly what I needed.

Ahhh, I feel like I haven’t been a part of the ‘real’ world during this week. No internet, no friends, no school. My mind is like a freshly prepared ski slope. In my head I’m still speeding down, I’m still in our cute hotel enjoying great food, I’m still in the ski bus, watching the people I get attached to though I haven’t spoken a single word with them.

Dearest snow, you were great. Now please leave Belgium again – it’s time for some bike riding once more and I still fear falling…