Slaughter in Barnaby Close

What the hell happened to my post? I had written it completely and nothing is left!! Now I’m quite angry.

Okay. This post was about a short horror story, Slaughter in Barnaby Close, written by Michal Cargill. (His third mention here, oh yes. I feel like I’m repeating myself every time) It’s scary and slightly funny at the same time. Like sometimes you feel like laughing, but you don’t dare…. Because it’s a horror story. A real one. But don’t be afraid, we proof-read it, and we survived (though I don’t sleep anymore….*cough*)! It won’t take too long to read it, but it will be worth your time anyway!

So take a seat, check the corners of your room, lighten a lamp and read!

*hopefully this time it’s published… the first version of this was so much better*