Sleeping beauty

This can be seen as a sort of sequel of my last post, Don’t bring the light. There’s a sort of thing to sleeping that makes it not only necessary, but also a metaphor, something poetical. It makes you leave the ‘conscience’ world for a while, you may dream (and then write four books about it… Twilight anyone?), you may go for a  sleepwalk. Going to sleep is losing control, and actually that’s just like drugs.
But okay, sleeping is necessary.We all need it and all lack it too. Imagine sleeping for one hundred years… That must be great. Satisfying. Beautiful.

SB 1

Especially when being woken up by the guy you’re going to marry. Or at least not waking up alone when you don’t want to be (so not after having had a drunk night and stuff.).

Last year I went to see Sleeping Beauty danced by the National Ballet Flanders, and it was so incredibly beautiful. Not just because it was ballet, it was the entire setting and the costumes and the music and the atmosphere. Almost as satisfying as sleeping for 100 years…

SB 3

It was really like a fairytale, and sitting there at the theatre, I realised there couldn’t have been a better way to spend my Wednesday afternoon. A thing of beauty…

There are also sleeping beauties that are dangerous rather than elusive. Sleeping Beauty is a movie I haven’t seen yet, but the trailer was so enigmatic that I want to see this movie. I couldn’t really figure out what it was about, which might be promising (or disappointing).


Enigmas are quite common for anything related to sleep. Inception, anyone? And think of the enigmatic speech by Hamlet.


Ay, there’s the rub… I know dreams aren’t always the best thing to have. They can be so freaky and surreal. And sometimes they show you things you’d rather not see (anymore).

But after all, sleeping is a wonderful thing to do, and who would not want to be a sleeping beauty…