The Thing and I : The Struggle is Real

Previously on The Thing and I: our somewhat messed up beginning, our struggle to get used to each other, and the slow improvement in our relationship. Today’s episode: how I realise that some things just aren’t meant to be.

Shouldn’t I have known all along that this was a bad idea? How could I even make myself believe for a second that this was actually a good plan? And could I have escaped anyways? Because these days, when you want a new phone, you either buy such an ‘old school’ type with the 9 key keyboard and a small screen, or a smartphone. While I liked my last phone, I still bought a new one because the alarm clock didn’t work anymore. Thinking I’d be abroad since August, I needed a phone with a functioning alarm clock. And a smartphone seemed like a good choice.

Yes, I should have known better. Next to the troubles in the beginning, even with the case I bought for it, it’s also just a slow phone. Sometimes it takes ages to just load the start screen. But now the fun’s only getting bigger! My charger doesn’t work anymore. It won’t fully charge my phone. Either he discharges while still being connected, or he doesn’t go higher than 90 %. Which is asolutely bullshit for a thing that’s not even 6 months old. Next to carrying the charger with me, in a separate pocket, I have done nothing to it.

So today I returned to the store and explained the problem. They said they would return it to the company. When I asked how long it would take for the new, good one to arrive, they said it would take three to four weeks.

*Alarm bells ringing loudly*

In two weeks, I’m leaving for Poland. I told them I would be leaving in two weeks. They said someone else could pick it up for me. Okay, but how is that thing getting to me, darling? Do you think someone will travel to Poland just to bring me my charger? Do you think I will return almost immediately after leaving to pick up a stupid charger? And how am I supposed to charge my phone during those weeks? Oh, we don’t fucking care how you charge your phone, do we?

This wouldn’t have been such a big deal if I hadn’t been leaving for Poland soon. But of course that stupid thing has to die now, at this moment. Thank you very much, dear smartphone thing. I hope you can meet all your friends again in charger heaven, but seriously, aren’t you too young to die?

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do now. The only option left is probably to buy a new one that fits every phone. Which means I will have to pay because something that shouldn’t break, broke. Which pushes my ‘this is unfair!’ button. It’s not like I couldn’t use that money for something else, especially now I’m almost leaving.

Some things aren’t meant to be. I should have known that you and I were doomed from the very beginning. I hope we will find a way to get along after all still, but honestly, I don’t think we’ll ever be real friends…

The Thing and I

The Thing I’m speaking off is the smartphone I purchased a little while ago. You may rememer that we had a difficult start… And that was the top of the iceberg! Two or three days after I got that Thing I discovered that I had paid a whole lot for just using our own Wifi. Apparently though, when your own Wifi signal isn’t strong enough, the phone changes to another signal and then you can start paying.
Thanks for telling me that when I bought the Thing.

Then, a few days after this had been solved, something else came up. Of course. I wanted to typ a text message, but the keyboard wouldn’t show up for longer than a second. I managed to typ the message, but it looked like a drunk text. You can imagine how happy I was. Putting it off and on didn’t work, but removing the battery and sim card for some reason solved it.

Now everything seems to be normal. *knocks on wood*

Even better, I start to enjoy the possibilities this Thing offers me. Yesterday I couldn’t remember where the Olympics were in 2012. Then there was the Internets on the Phone and I quickly found out again. Also, I downloaded an App that recognizes music. Isn’t it brilliant that such a thing exists? I fall in love with a song every now and then, but it can be very sad when you don’t know the song. When I like a piece of music, I want to listen to it over and over again, or at least have the possibility to find it again. I do have a great memory for music, so the pieces I want to find are already somehwere in my mind. That’s not enough though. I want to know their names. There were some pieces I really liked but never knew what they were. These pieces were used at the performances of our dance school. I still recognise all the music that’s ever been used in a performance, because we’ve heard them so often, and I have the dvd’s. Now, after eight years, I finally tracked the music down.

I found it!

I’m so happy. This music has the memories of the performances attached to it, but next to that it triggers my entire body to dance to it. Some music has that, a way of making everything in me wanting to move. And now I know where to find it. Wonderful. I will share one piece with you already now, and the other might follow another day!

For those interested, the App I used is Shazam.

So I bought a new phone

It’s a smartphone, and it took me about half an hour to feel the first regret coming up. I managed to add a  startscreen and I can’t throw it away now. To add to the pleasure I can’t even find a proper manual. There is one in Polish, but honestly, my ‘mobile phone Polish’ isn’t that good. Yet. So now I’m sitting here, wondering if I’m too old or too old-fashioned, and if this phone and I will find a way to get along.

It’s no surprise that it took me such a long time to get a smartphone. I’m stubborn and I told myself and everyone else that I would not give in to this hype! And the sight of all those finger prints on the screen is terrible! (It is. IT IS. After 1 hour I can already say that it drives me nuts.) But the coming year I’m going abroad and somehow my parents and I belieeve that there will be a day when I get stuck in an airport, and then it’s nice if you can surf the Internet. Plus: this thing has a functioning alarm clock, which my now old phone didn’t have. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Since I can’t take my very good not phone alarm clock with me abroad, I needed a device that had an alarm clock.

Am I better off now? Hard to say. It took me many years to finally become friend with the Internet, and I have the feeling that this new phone will need some time as well. Unlike all the other people, this is just not my thing. I don’t know how they do it, but they seem to know what to do immediately. And I sit here and watch the black screen and try to see through its secrets.

I think I’ll just send carrier pigeons again.


Edit: Thank god there is the YouTube! Now that’s what I call a friend. I removed my home screen. Well, the one I accidentally added. Okay, at least that’s one thing I’ve overcome!