“Time moves in one direction, memory in another” – William Gibson

Probably one of the worst things you could do when thinking about your life, is listening to sad music. And yes, I just said ‘thinking about your life’, as if I’m not 18 years old and too young to actually look back on something. But I do that every now and then. Like now, trying to figure out what the hell is happening. It would have helped if my memory was complete…

Either way, this is a warning: DO NOT LISTEN to the piece of music below if you are thinking about your life, in serious doubt about something, or feeling generally sad and confused. It’s a beautiful piece though, from the movie Inception, which I’ve seen this weekend. Though it was hard to understand sometimes, it was a good movie. The music accompanied the very last scene, and left me all silent. When you find yourself and the end praying to all gods for that whirligig to fall, just fall… Then you know the movie got you.

And oooh, my fingers itch to tell you everything, from the very beginning to the very end, but this story hasn’t finished yet. I don’t know how much more there is to come, because months ago I already thought it had ended. But it never ended, it all started all over again, running over the same old ground, as ever… So many things happen here and yet I can’t tell you about it to protect other’s people privacy, and my own. When this story really has ended though, I will finally write about it, getting my mind together and laugh at the absurdity of it all. Just give me a few more months and this will make my friend and me laugh. But first some more thinking, some more doubts, some more melancholia. Just because it feels good with this music playing…

Dance Day # 5: One Thousand and One Nights

Every two years, our dance school has a show. This show is always divided into two parts: one part for the ever beautiful modern pieces, and one part with a story. Then every group has a different role. I’ve got quite an animal-thing going on with that, so far I’ve been a butterfly, a jellyfish (whole lotta fun!) and a vulture. The only exception was the guard. (Before that, I danced somewhere else, otherwise I’d have been a mouse as well.) It’s still a guess what we’ll be this year, it could be snakes, or tigers, or something like that… Anything that fits in the theme: One Thousand and One Nights! I’m really looking forward to it, it will be beautiful… I imagine myself running over the stage as Scheherazade already, all covered in pink and orange (the only time I’ll tolerate those…).
(If you’re unfamiliar with Scheherazade and 1001 Nights, look here.)

Scheherazade, tell me a story…

We’re all blogging, so which one of us doesn’t enjoy telling a story? Who wouldn’t enjoy crossing a stage with a feather on your head, being chased by the Golden Slave. I mean, it’s not just a random slave, but a Golden Slave. He chases you because you’re beautifully sensual, desirable. (Or because of strategic reasons?) Who would dislike that?
But the whole Golden Slave story is in fact the ballet version of Scheherazade. In this piece, the sultan’s wife has a great time with the Golden Slave, but they are caught… It’s most tragic and beaufitul. The music is equally as great as the clothing. It’s nice to watch, it’d surely recommend it. I mean, the violin in the beginning is so heart breaking, the dancers are so talented, and everything is like a fairytale. O, and watch those people at the end who are killed, watch them breathing heavily. How real :). And the mustache and everything… Lovely.

You’re all invited to come. Tickets costs 5 euros (prize to get in Belgium not included).

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