Repeat after me

There is no light to
Show the way home
And there is no place for you to
There are no hands on my back
To tell me what to do –
I will not obey.
I should not obey.

And I lie. Like you.
The strangled words are
Nowhere to be seen,
But then again,
So are we.

Breathe again.

There is no smile. Not even eyes.
Not even him.
He doesn’t know that I lie
Like he does
He doesn’t
Know that when he’ll wake up
It will be another
Sweet illusion.

This is imagination.
This is the lie I warned you for.
There is no light to guide the way home,
And there’s no place for you to sleep.

Yet another sleepless night.
Yet another pointless smile.
This is the
Imagination and I lay here
Nowhere to be seen.
The illusion he wakes
Up to – why do you laugh?

You laugh to keep
It real. To crush
This irony. Another pointless face.
He waved illusions around
Me, and I fell asleep.
Too many times.

We’re terrible people.
Like you
I break promises and wave
These words around you
To make us both believe
This imagination.

If only I could stop this.
If only it would have a point.
Another sleepless night
With another pointless face.
There is no light here
And there’s no place for you to sleep.

Repeat after me.

Look, a poem! A good poem? A bad poem? Or just a sign that there’s a need for drama?