Peace is lying down, all day long, on a fluffy blanket. It’s reaching out as far as you can and feel your muscles stretch. It’s a ray of sun on your belly, or hands, or even the slight touch of an ear listening to your heart beat. Slowly lifting your head, then noticing that the day’s not over, there’s no food yet, nothing to wake up for. So you lie back down and enjoy the comfortable position you’re in. Peace is scratching that itchy place behind your ear before you fall asleep again. Sleeping it is, for the rest of the day, the rest of the week, the rest of the year for that matter. When this place is no longer enough, you can search for a new place. A chair, for example. A bed, if you see an open door by accident. Even the floor will do. Especially when it’s warm, the cool floor is amazingly nice.

Peace is watching your people sit, walk around, eat. When they’re all there, it’s all good. Nothing will happen, food will be there. You can roll over, stretch your paws in the air and sleep. Feeling your eyes slowly closing and obeying this gravity.

Life is good.

Life is good.

I’m so jealous of our cat…


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