The Eyes of Men

One more time: this week, we celebrate the fact that high school is almost over for us. We do that by dressing up during this week (although they warned us that we were only allowed to dress up on Friday – sure). Somehow, dressing up isn’t really flattering, but it’s funny all the way. The thing is, you cannot dress up without showing a lot of your legs (in nylons, though, it seems. I have been wearing three different outfits and not one included pants. Emancipation doesn’t make it to dressing up clothes. That means that men stare.
Stare without any kind of shame. They just look at you, even bow a little to have a better sight on your legs. I’m serious. Even teachers have been staring at us (and laughing – mixed feelings if they start to laugh). But not only them, females and children stare too when you’re all covered in green for example. Mostly they look at you and you can see them thinking ‘What the hell?’.
Yes, we are dressed up, okay?
Imagine it being summer. Girls wear skirts, without thights, and look! Men are staring! Sometimes even winking! When you have to cross a busy road, a skirt might just help. And yes, we don’t wear skirts without wanting people to see our legs… But do it subtly, okay? Don’t stare too much, don’t wink, and above all don’t make remarks. Escpecially when you’re not young yourself anymore. (And somehow, this is always the case). It’s not because you passed the terrible age of 30 that you have to be blind for younger girls… It just looks way more perv when you aren’t. At least be so polite to look us in the eye after staring at our legs. You can even move your head slightly as in ‘Goodmorning’ or ‘Hello’. But that’s the border. Come no further! And don’t stare while laughing. It’s not good for self confidence. And just offensive.

But after some thinking about this, I realised that NOT staring might just be even more offensive. Small sidenote.

An attempt to kick with two feet at a time for asking such an offensive thing.

*such humour… ;)*