Champagne for Metallica this time

This month, it has been 30 years since Metallica was formed! Could you get any better excuse to talk about Metallica again?
This is worth eating pie. And some background information.

In October 1981, the band was formed. It was Lars Ulrich, the drummer, who placed an advertisement in a newspaper. James Hetfield and Hugh Tanner answered. Five months after they met, they officially formed their group. Later on, Ulrich was brainstorming with a friend who needed a name for his metal fanzine. In the end, they had to choose between Metal Mania and Metallica. Ulrich encouraged his friend to choose Metal Mania so that he could use Metallica for his band (sneaky!). A second ad was placed and this time, Dave Mustaine answered.
In 1982, their first song ‘Hit the Lights’ was recorded.

That was only the beginning of thirty years.

In 1982 Cliff Burton and Kirk Hammet joined the group. Dave Mustaine was kicked out because of his drinking and drugs problems. In 1984, their first album was produced, Kill’Em All. Not much later they already produced their second album Ride The Lightnening.

But it wasn’t all glory and growing fame. On September 14, in 1986, a bus accident caused the death of Cliff Burton. He was only 24 years old. A tragic death.

But the group didn’t split up.
In 1991, they produced The Black Album, which became their most famous album.

Their succes continues, but their sound changes.

They have a lot of great songs though. In 1999 they performed with the San Francisco Orchestra, recorded on S&M. This song has such an amazing intro that you should listen to it, whether you like Metallica or not.

There are also their very famous songs, like this one:

And while listening to this (very great) songs, don’t forget to enjoy your pie.