Golden Oldie

A few weeks ago, I told my father that for some strange reason, I wanted to watch Troy again. I have no idea how I came up with it, but I just suddenly wanted to see it once more. Two or three weeks later, Troy was broadcasted on tv.

Speaking of coincidence! Maybe someone has taken pity on me for not going to Russia, and maybe he is trying to cheer me up by doing these little things that light up my day. I like it.

It’s not like I haven’t seen Troy before, I have seen it multiple times, but at an age when I couldn’t really enjoy it to the fullest, I believe. Of course I know the story and everything, but there’s more to movies than just the plot line. I wanted to see the images and hear the music and just watch a movie of which I know I will like it. So yesterday we watched it again, and we all enjoyed it here. There are so many stunning one liners, great comebacks and brilliant scenes. For example this quote:

“I’ll tell you a secret. Something they don’t teach you in your temple. The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.”

Achilles says this to the Trojan girl he kind of stole and who becomes his lover. She was a servant in a temple.

Achilles is one of those characters who make this movie so great. He is so stubborn and doesn’t want anyone controlling him. He seems so good, but then kills Hector and treats him so badly, and you want to like him still. Then there is also his king, Agamemnon, such an asshole. Oooh, you just hate him for being greedy and brutal. But he’s got some of the best lines from the movie, and the way he says them makes them close to epic. (Then every son of Troy… shall die.)

In the end, they basically all die. Well, almost all of them. This is not exactly how the myth goes, but hey, at least the good guys don’t all survive. Greek mythology isn’t the one inventing the happy end after all!

There are many more examples and an IMDB page full of quotes, which I won’t share here – though I would like to. Let me just tell you that nothing compares to a proper Greek myth. There is barely anything you can’t find in these stories. They are so full of reall humans, real feelings, real reactions. Greek mythology, I think, can teach us way more about human nature than the Bible. I love those stories, and I like this movie a whole lot.


Which Golden Oldie do you want to see or read again?

Helen (part 2)

Paris was different. I knew he was a vain prince, and actually, he looked like one. I had never seen a man with such soft hands and such a feminine body. He didn’t seem to touch weapons, ever, and he confirmed that later on. “I’m no warrior”, he said. “I’m a prince. Fighting is for those who aren’t princes.” He used to laugh when saying that.

But at first, I didn’t even care about him. To me, he was just like all the other men – praising me for my beauty, eager on money and trade. I did what I used to do when a man had dinner together with us. I wore a veil and one of my best dresses, in which I could hardly breathe. He could see but my ladylike hands, taking a bit of food, just a tiny little bit, and making it disappear behind the veil. At that point, I had already captured his attention, but the real praising and drooling came when Menelaus proudly removed my veil. I just sat there, looking at my hands in my lap, like a real vestal wife.
“She has to be the living image of Aphrodite!” Paris said. “What a beauty – how can you even trust the men entering your house, Menelaus?”
Menelaus snorted. “I keep an eye on her.”
“Surely”, Paris smiled. “Otherwise things would go wrong, wouldn’t they?”
I don’t think Menelaus understood this words, but when remembering them now, I realise it was a warning.

Paris was the first one to listen to what I said. He asked my opinion on matters, talked with me, didn’t just stare. It touched me, it hurt me to feel how I had missed that for years already. At the same time, he didn’t seem to be interested in me as a woman. He treated me like a man. That caused Menelaus to trust him with me, and one day he told us he had to leave for Crete, an emergency. He’d be back soon.

He trusted us, the fool.

That night, Paris entered my room. I was lying awake, wondering if he’d do that. He surely did. He told me I drove him crazy, my beauty haunted him, he repeated my words every night, I was a creature of the gods…
“I could love you until the day I die”, he declared. “If only you weren’t married already…”
Please understand that I had never heard such words before. I was vulnerable. Please understand that.
“Would you love me when I’m old?” I asked him.
“I would love no matter what. Whether you’re old or missing an eye or a leg… Just the tiniest piece of your body is so beautiful that it doesn’t matter what the rest of you looks like. One golden hair of you and everyone loves you. One sliver of your finger nail and the world bows down for your enchanting beauty, Helen. Why are you scared?”

If I had been smarter, older, happier, I would have laughed at him for saying these things, but at that moment, those words gave me exactly what I was searching for. My beauty would not go away. He’d love me forever.

So I gave in, I surrendered. He was the first man who ended up in my bed. I seduced the others, but always denied them what they really wanted. I could not deny Paris anything. Maybe I already felt that even trying was in vain. Paris always got what he wanted. He pushed me so far that one night, I left my house, I left my life and entered the greatest nightmare I’ve ever lived. I thought I was desperate, but until that day, my life had been the happiest it would ever get.

“Do you love me, Helen?”
“Of course, how could I not love you?”
“Will you love me as long as I love you?”
“Longer, Paris.”
“No, really.”
“If I cut off you arms and your legs, will you still love me anyway?”
“I want to be more than my body. My body is but beauty. I am more than a pretty creature. I want to be able to love just because I love, Paris.”

It’s only now that I can see the horror I’ve caused. But when entering the ship, I believed I would be happy – finally.

*more to come soon!*