Violence is violence

I just saw this video and was kind of shocked… But I know I’d probably respond the same way. We still see women as the more vulnerable sex and men as the strong sex. Does that have to influence the way we see violence though? I think not.

Dance Day # 1

Okay, it’s the worst title I could have come up with for this post, but let’s say that it says exactly what it has to say.

I’m starting a new series of posts here. And it will be about… dance! How strange. Guess you’d never have guessed it. So, I’m starting with this series because Internet is full of awesome videos and I want to spread them. It won’t just be about ballet only, if that takes your fear away. To start with, I’ve got a nice little video of Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly, two great dancers of another time, in Singing in the Rain. Enjoy!

Skeleton lol

The funny, unofficial video of Into the Abyss from Sex Gang Children. (Don’t beĀ afraid of their name or the skeletons, it’s not meant too seriously) They call themselves a ‘seminal goth band’ I believe. Their music is to lick your fingers (is that even an existing expression?), not common but really good, in my humble opinion. Let this make you day!