Imagine… you’re in a great city, a city that lives, a city that is beautiful. Imagine that it’s your last evening there, that you regret that, that you want to make the most out of it. That you, and all the people there with you, are walking over the bridge where everyone is walking, and then it starts raining really hard, out of nothing, and everyone flees. Imagine that three young guys then try to dry their instruments, because they were playing music on the bridge. Imagine that the people, hiding for the rain, start clapping, that the boys decide to start playing music and then play Metallica on cello while it is dark as if it’s night and it rains as if you’re in a movie.
Imagine that you never forget that moment, and that you might remember it before all other things that happened in that city. Because it was so unexpected and beautiful and it was this kind of thing you can’t plan. It just happens and it makes your day.

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