Life Choice # 4: Mountains or Beach?

We’re all craving for a little bit of vacation and leaving our  own dull country that’s either too hot or too cold, right? I feel like I’ve got more than enough time, but unfortunately too little money to explore the world. I do like traveling a whole lot though. A few weeks ago, I leaned out of a window, it had just rained, and I smelt Austria. Something nostalgic inside me began to ache and long to return. We’ve been to Austria for five years. I mean, one week every year, a different place every time. We always went to all-in hotels, but I was too young to really take advantage of that at the time… There’s not so much to do over there, we were always walking. We crossed forests and bridges and small little mountain rivers. Somehow, the weather was always nice. Rain during the night, which left the world fresh and with a nice scent, and sun during the day. But never so hot you feel like you’re breathing rocks.
We saw sheep, donkeys, cows and squirrels. Nothing exotic, but still. Once I even fed a squirrel, he quickly took a nut from my hand. It was probably one of the most exciting things happening during these holidays. Next to what happened in the hotel. It always felt like we were one big family, though we didn’t speak to anyone or just a few people. Still, the faces were familiar. Somehow you just know the people, and if they leave, you’re sad. The ‘new’ people are never as familiar as the old ones. They’re invaders. Only a little bit, but still. And yes, we were aware of the fact that we had been new people as well. Sometimes, we even gave them names. Or got a crush. But that was just embarrassing, when it happened. So let’s not talk about that.


Green peace, literally, small villages, great mountains.

So these holidays were just fresh air, walking around in the mountains and going to the hotel bar without having to pay every single time. O, and don’t forget the cake at 4. And the swimming pool. Nothing spectacular happened, but that was okay. It was like living in our own small world which we shared with cows and sheep.

On my last Polish oral exam, the teacher asked me whether I’d on go vacation to the mountains or to the beach. The choice was easily made. Mountains can be really impressive, they can make you feel so small, and if you’re lucky you even find something like the Liechtensteinklamm. While lying down on the beach, just tanning… Nah, that’s way too boring. Besides, I can’t stand staying in the sun for too long. But of course, I didn’t manage to actually say all of this.

Now, what would you choose? Any good memories supporting your arguments? Are you going on a vacation this year?

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  1. We used to go on family vacations every year too, up to the Catskills towards upstate NY.
    Same kind of thing – all inclusive hotels.

    this year if we can find the time, my girl and I would like to go to North Carolina and check it out. It’s on the list of places we might like to move.

    Hope you find ways to enjoy your summer!

    • All-ins are awesomeness, pure awesomeness!
      I hope you manage to get there! It would probably be great for you to have a holiday and leave the regular world behind for a while.
      I’ve got a trip to Ukraine in two months, looking forward to that :)!

  2. I can’t choose. I want both. Countries such as Bulgaria & Ukraine can provide you wthboth mountains & the sea :):)

  3. Apparently it’s either mountains or sea for people, and I’m a mountain kind of woman. They make me feel free. But yeah, both is all good!

  4. I’m a beach/sea person. I need to be near water. If I never saw a mountain, I’d be okay with it. But I must must must be around water. So my favorite vacations are beachy, oceany, watery places. Even if I just sit there and stare at the water!


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