Scoop of the Week: How I Dressed Up

Hello my dears! I’ve slept quite long and now I’m completely fresh and sparkling.
I told you several times about the week of dressin up, and I even asked your help. But the best solution turned out to be going to a second hand shop. There I ound some good clothes that looked quite new, and combined with some of my own clothes and accessories, I succeeded in dressing up beautifully. Yes, I can’t help it, I felt very good with how I felt.
And other people were very enthusiastic too. When we started our procession (people of the same school moving en masse in the same direction, that’s all), there were photographers and one of them picked me out for a picture of me alone. Self confidence: going up. Unfortuntely I didn’t ask him where the pictures would be shown, because the people moved on and I didn’t want to be left behind on my own.
Wearing those clothes felt really good, I must say. I felt sophisticated (remember the post about cigarette holders?) and elegant in a slightly old-fashioned way. It’s a pity that today ‘sexy’ is seen as ‘the shortest dress’. There were many, many girls wearing ‘sexy’ short clothes, but it just didn’t look too good (especially because they were not slim, so it was a bit… showing of too much).

But I promised you pictures. And as I was proud of how I was dressed up, I’ll give you one.

*The picture has been deleted. If you really want to see it, beg for it, and I might just give in. Who knows.*

(It’s rather hard to see all the details, I know, but I’m sure you can deal with that)

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  1. AgrippingLife

     /  March 3, 2012

    Ooh lala! You look tres chic. I love this costume. I hope you were wearing Chanel # 5! haha! BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. The real NBI right there! You look fantastic and I would be more than happy to attend a ballet performance with you.

    Just out of interest what is the purpose of that table thing behind you?

    • Thank you, Michael. If you’d like to see a ballet performance of me, then come to Belgium tomorrow! I’ll be dancing then.

      The table (we call it butler) is used to keep the ‘fixed’ phone and our mobile phones. And a lamp and an agenda of me of 2011.

  3. I could so see you entering the office of a private detective in the 1940s or so complaining about an abusive gangster husband.

    What was the worst outfit you saw anybody wear? Any Tarzans?

    • Someone thought I was dressed up as a gangster… Weird. I agree on what you say more!

      The worst outfit… there was someone who had a mask and hotpants over his jeans. But he was just way too drunk to care. No Tarzans, but cows and tigers, yes. Even a Jezus, with lots of hair and beard and a crown of thorns and a big cross. Hilarious :).

  4. Omg you look so good! So good to actually see your face! I love the layered pearl look that Chanel always seems to do! Lovely! Also, I love the cigarette holder! It’s always good to have a prop!

    • I would lie if I said I don’t like the compliments :). The accessories definitely made it, yes. Without the hat for example, it just didn’t look sexy anymore…

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely! ❤

  6. You look like a femme fatale!
    Very sexy, young lady!

  7. Elegance and confidence are always sexy.
    Just sayin…

    • *writes it down*
      I try to be always elegant, but sometimes… sometimes it is just impossible for my body to move the right way. Thenk I kick things and fall and-oh well, I try to be elegant.

  8. Ravishing! Watch out for bounders, cads & other gentlemen of low character.

  9. Ooh! Sexy. You’re adorable. You should post more pictures of yourself!
    I wish we had fancy dressing days in college :/


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