You only live twice – if you stay with me during a zombie attack…

We’re close to the end of the big contest made by Le Clown. Soon from now we’ll know who’s on the blogroll after all, and who isn’t. We all fought and battled until the last breath, but it was worth it. It definitely was.

Thanks to this competition, people refer to Le Clown’s blogroll as ‘the blogroll’. It’s more like a concept now. Thanks to the contest, I promised to write a post on why you want me in your team during a zombie attack. You know, it’s not unlikely that there’ll be  zombie attack. We can send strange things to Mars, why couldn’t there be zombies then? But don’t worry, if they’re heading towards us, I’ll help you out!
Stay close to me because…

1. I speak four languages, in the near future six languages, and I can translate Latin. I mean, we don’t know which language they use, right?

2. I’m quite good at laser shooting. That means: if you give me a non-moving zombie, enough time, silence and a laser gun, I’ll hit him. Useful, isn’t it?

3. I’m in a team with Love&Lunchmeat. She’s like necessary during a zombie attack. Read why.

4. I’ve got red eyes and a grizzled skin, which must be very attractive to zombies. No one (except freaks) eat people they find attractive.

5. Being right is my hobby. If they decide to debate with me (should we kill you – yes/no), I’d probably win.

6. You’ve got no idea how hard the noses of pointe shoes are. Weapons, that is what they are, real weapons.
(The trick is to use them as slings.)

Take the pointe shoe by the drawstring. Follow further instructions.

Stay close to me and everything will be fine! If you like my entry on the last call for the blogroll, you’ll be on top of the list of people to help. But be quick! Be very, very quick!

Oh, and thanks.

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  1. Good one…you’re my hero!

  2. Do you really have red eyes?

  3. Latin, always a useful tool when escaping from things that want to eat you.

    My PC is dead, so I haven’t really been following the progress of things like this.

    I hope that Team NBI is great success!

  4. This diagram is the best diagram ever! I wonder if you can distract the zombies by dancing en pointe while everyone loads up their firearm and fixes their scopes…

    • They’re probably thinking ‘hum?’ for a very long time. Meanwhile you can load up your firearms indeed! And if the dancing doesn’t work, I’ll do the sling-thing.

  5. a gripping life

     /  September 3, 2012

    Hahaha! Nice job, NBI. You gave it your all. I, personally, think Canadian Clown boy should have put all those who participated on his blogroll since it would still be far less than the 100 he started out with.
    Oh well, such is life… You’re all ready getting lots of love over here on your blog so I think all is well.

    • I had a pretty good time trying to get the most funny comments on the screen, yes. I’m not left behind with nothing! And I will never forget those noses I got from you, Grippy, those made my day. All the support was so heartwarming (does that word exits? if not – you probably know what I mean anyway) ! It was worth competing anyway!

  6. If LC Doesn’t blogroll you, truly, his loss.
    Hey, maybe we can feed him to the zombies while we save ourselves!

    • Great plan! At least I’ve made new friends and people like who helped me have made my day, so after all, I’m a richer person now.
      Amen! 😉

  7. Omg. I speak 4 languages too. Imagine our skills combined!!! (Everytime someone uses the words “power” and “combined” I think of Captain Planet.)

    You ARE my cyber twin. ‘Scuse me while I turn my eyes red and start wearing pointy shoes. Only. Just in case.

    • It’s incredible, isn’t it? You’re in my team as well, by the way! Together we’ll fight off the entire zombie population! What languages do you speak, my dear Edita?


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