Good things

Because good things must be appreciated.

– Some angel from heaven gave me great resumes of a very difficult subject we’ve got. I didn’t know how to start learning this stuff, but the resumes definitely make it a lot easier. I’ve started spreading them amongst my classmates, who are very grateful to me now, though I have said I’ve got them from my angel. Still, it’s fun to be thanked.

– Next week, I’m going to Swan Lake by the Moscow City Ballet, and this freaks me out a little! I mean, a Russian ballet group coming to dance Swan Lake – who would not faint at that? I’m looking forward to it, so so much…

– Also next week, a big part of our class is going to celebrate Christmas in Poland-style at the Polish embassy. It will be so much fun! I’ve got great people in my class, and it will be interesting to see how much (or little?) we can understand the Polish people there. I mean, I don’t really get any further than ‘Hey’ in Polish yet, but we’ll see – there’s a great chance it will be a remarkable trip.

– I’ve had two voc tests now, and both of them were really really good – luckily. I mean, these studies are heavier than I could have foreseen, but it feels good to know I’m able to succeed, or something like that.

– I’ve got a duvet cover with reindeers. How awesome is that??

– Toblerone. Blue cheese. Cappuccino. All present.

– I just got  a text message. Woot woot!

I can’t think of more things for the moment, but hey, there are already many good things going on. Let’s keep it that way. What good things are happening over at your life?

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  1. Unfortunately – zero good things. Only bad.
    Your good things make me happy, though. I’ll live vicariously through you. 🙂

    • I wanted to ask you how things were going, though I know they can’t be going well already. I’m glad this cheered you up a bit – hopefully the entire blogosphere can make you feel a bit better until things are really going better for you. Here are many virtual hugs until then: *many, many, maaaany virtual hugs*

  2. Nice! The Swan Lake… pure awesomeness. Enjoy.

    And the reindeer duvet? So jealous!

  3. jalal michael sabbagh.

     /  November 27, 2012

    Most enjoyable Ballet of all time Swan Lake refreshes the soul during this beautiful time of the year.Wonderful post.(l have seen this ballet many times now my children love it.Jalal

    • I have never seen it though I’m a total ballet freak! Of course I have seen parts, and the entire thing on dvd, but I’m looking forward to seeing it live :).


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