Darkness – the bright side

It seems like lately I’ve been writing a lot about darkness, sleeping, and melancholia. I guess that kind of sums up how I’m feeling at the moment! Let’s have a look: on darkness I wrote this poem and this story, and this poem has got darkness starring. Sleeping is the main role here, and here as well. Melancholia is sprinkled over all above mentioned posts, but also in this one, and this.

But don’t think though that I’m on the edge of weeping and sobbing all the time. Mostly, I’ve got weird ‘not feeling anything really’ state. Then I’m not sad, but not happy either. I’m something in between and that feels a bit weird and uncomfortable.

But! After all, I’m still alive, and perhaps it’s better not to feel anything rather than to be depressed. To return to the above mentioned posts though, I’ve been talking a lot about darkness lately. Like, a lot. It may seem like darkness is a metaphor for sadness or death or something, and once it used to be, but now it isn’t anymore. I mean, darkness can be really soothing, and that’s something I especially realized lately. I like to keep my curtains closed until noon. It makes me feel like I’m in my own little cave or something.

Next to that, darkness gives good circumstances for a good conversation – it’s easier to be honest and at ease when you don’t have to face the other person. And the night is a very good setting for great memories. When I was thinking about this, I discovered quite some recollections that took place at night or in darkness. So it’s not always a metaphor for bad things, for sadness or anything. It’s also a metaphor for something more peaceful, almost soothing. Like rest. But not the dead kind of rest, if you understand.

What is darkness for you? What are your best memories that took place at night or when it was dark? Do you like nighttime and darkness or not at all? Tell me.

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  1. You and I are the exact opposite, Astrid. I feel suffocated with too much darkness. If I could live in a world full of light, I would. The brighter, the better. Darkness effects my mood — it depresses the hell out of me. If it wasn’t the case I would move to a house near Lily where it’s dark and overcast all the time. I just can’t! It kills me that I’m so negatively impacted by lack of light. I wake up early and go to bed early just to get maximum light. We are so different, you and I. Just wired differently. 🙂

    • Hahaha, indeed! Of course we all need light every now and then, but lately darkness works out better for me. Fake light! Huzzah! 😉 I choose a room with a lot of windows so there would be much light, and now I end up closing my curtains… O the irony…

  2. Le Clown

     /  January 19, 2013

    We flirt with darkness home, and instead of fighting it, I think both my wife and I have accepted it. It’s easier for us to deal with it now that we have accepted it. There is brightness, there is darkness, and there’s the whole spectrum of colours, or lack of, in between. The more we embrace all of it, the more we feel a balance.

    • Though it can’t really be fun, I don’t think some darkness isn’t that bad. But if it’s something you really have to fight off, it’s not that good. But I mean, some of my best writings were created when in a dark mood. It’s also a part of who you are. And as long as it feels balanced, I guess it’s okay to let darkness in every now and then…

      • Le Clown

         /  January 19, 2013

        There is great peace in understanding darkness, and I have found it easier to manage now that I am honest with myself to admit that it will come, occasionally…

      • Eric, I’m glad to hear that you are able to handle it. People like you deserve peace. (Amen ;).)

  3. Same here – too much darkness also triggers the bad thoughts and moods. Thankfully not in the past years, but I had a phase when life and mood were so dark that turning the light off to go to sleep was terrifying.
    Glad to see that you can use it in a positive way!

    • Hm, glad you’re not in that phase anymore! I know we all need light, daylight, sunlight, but perhaps it’s just good to have the balance between both light and darkness. Somehow I feel like in darkness I am more myself.
      Hopefully everyone can enjoy it somehow, because it’s better than to fear the dark :).

  4. I find comfort in the dark. With that said, I like the light, too…however, if I must choose, I’ll go for a bit of a gloomy day over hot bright sunshine. Perhaps that is just due to my current mood, I’m not sure.

    • Hmm, hope you’re feeling a bit better already :s.
      As you say, both light and darkness are good. It’s the right balance between them I guess. Gloomy days are okay as long as it doesn’t rain while I need to be somewhere.
      Lots of hugs!

  5. Even on the darkest nights, it isn’t always completely dark.
    When the darkness hits me, when it piles up,I try and just shake myself to get out of it, and remember what’s fun…

    • That’s very right!
      I find that hard – remembering what’s fun mostly makes me melancholic. Sometimes, for me, it works better to just let it in for a while, because I know it takes but friends to cheer me up again… Not always though. But it helps a lot to blog about it then :).

  6. Of course I love darkness! That’s an insaneee question. The darker, the better. With a few skulls thrown in. And a black cape. And a story of a cult. Preferably demonic. With a few psychological dilemmas. And alas – we have the perfect film script 🙂

    • Hahaha, great! So, wanna make a movie, hm? Just let me know ;).
      (Wow, now I think about it, we really could make a great movie together. No doubt about that. I suggest you do the clothes.)

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