Distincting vagueness

Get up.

Go to a nearby lake, or sea, or puddle.

Watch it.

Stretch out your hand.

Touch the water.

Put your hand in the water.

Try to hold it.

It will escape.

Try better.

Squeeze it.

Cherish it.


Take a deep breath.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth trying?

Or is it in vain? Useless? To no avail?


If only you knew whether you’re wasting your time or not.

It would definitely be interesting to know for sure.

Perhaps you could give up in time.

There’s also a chance though, that it isn’t useless at all.

But you can’t be sure.

So get up.

Go to a nearby oracle.

Sacrifice something, offer it to the possibly existing gods.

Ask for the truth: yes, no, delete as appropriate.

Clearness, goddamnit.


Would make things easier.

So get up.

Go to a nearby lake, sea, or puddle.

Stare at it.

Stretch out your hand.

Not to the water – to the person.




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  1. Le Clown

     /  October 28, 2012

    What a magnificentâ„¢ way to end the weekend.
    Le Clown

  2. I just finished reading a book where everyone consulted the oracle, but it seemed to me like the oracle was always wrong… or perhaps actually trying to confuse people.

    I love this poem and the song. Beautiful.

    • Never trust oracles… Life can not be predicted that well. Sometimes, yes, but you never know when exactly… What was this book? Sounds interesting.

  3. A gripping life

     /  October 29, 2012

    I love this! Good work NBI. We’re all searching for the truth. We have a whole lifetime to figure it out, I guess?

  4. If our life was full of certainty, it would be so dull. Isn’t pondering and coming up with potential scenarios from time to time awesome? You allow yourself to linger in an ideal world which you create yourself. It makes you happy.

    For instance, in you poem, I pictured myself being UNDER water and look at the person who’s stretching his hand. It was a cool feeling. Not that I wish to be a mermaid or something.

    • That’s truth, though now I just want to know it for sure. Leaving me in doubt is driving me a little crazy. Not much, because I more or less know what will happen, but still. It can go two ways. I want to know which way.

      Agreed on that ideal world. I like ideal worlds I create myself better than the real wordl but that’s probably normal, ’cause it’s an ideal world :).

      Interesting perspective, by the way.

  5. Is it? Sometimes when you are out of the box, people do their best to place you back in it!

    • True story, but I do believe that out of the box is the most interesting place. I mean, look at all books that are now on the list of books to read before you die, because they were so different of everything else. Look at all painters who have become famous thanks to their self-will…

      And one day, Edita, people will say the same thing about you :).

  6. Very cool. I like your thought process. I wish I thought like that! It’s crazy how much water is around us and how we can’t even hold onto it. Good things to think about.

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