In case of nonsense, break rules

(Did I say the sun had returned? I was wrong. It’s been snowing more than ever happened this year now. Sigh.
It could make me go all sad again, but I’m a strong and independent woman so I’m still pretty ok. After all I got the helix, so my life is like complete. I GOT IT. It’s still hard to believe sometimes. I had the guts to do something that is for forever and ever? Seriously? But yes, I did have the guts. Ow yeah.)

I just said my life is complete. Well, that’s not really true. Life can never be complete and perfect and stuff, we all know that, but it can come closer than you thought was possible. If I forget the crappy snow and the running-over-the-same-old-ground (which causes doubts, but nothing worse than that), my life is pretty cool at the moment. School’s going well, I have awesome friends, good music, nice clothes and so on. University seems to be good for me. I realised I no longer feel like very upset or frustrated or sad anymore. I can put thing into perspective, which I believe is very important to become happy, or at least at ease with life.

So, you’d think I live a good life now. Well, think again. One of the things that caused me to be seriously frustrated in high school, was the amount of nonsense we had to swallow all the time. There was nonsense everywhere. Stupid rules, stupid people, stupid subjects. Useless subjects. I mean, I’m interested in quite some things. Even maths and physics. In a measure, that is. As soon as it goes too far, I loose my attention. But okay, that’s just what you deem ‘interesting’. There were a lot of things that

Look at the hair! Look at it! It’s AWESOME.

were completely useless though. We had a subject called ‘religion’, and it was complete bullshit. We didn’t even really talk about religions or something. We talked about Jesus’ anatomy…

Next to that, we got a lot of assignments that lead to nothing at all. You had to spend hours to get them done, and they were so useless… It pissed me off. I can’t stand useless things. Especially during the last year of high school it made me go insane. During that period I started listening to more punk music. Thinking about it now, it seems very logic. Rebelling against the standard.

I thought university would change that, and it sort of did. I firmly believe it’s one of the things that made me happier here: less useless stuff, a destination to go to, not just random walking. I barely have anything to do that doesn’t seem to have use. I’ve got a lot to do, I’ve got a lot of vocabulary to learn, but in the end it will help me to speak Russian and Polish. It all has a reason.

No, not all. Because during these months, we’ve got a course of philosophy…

And we’re starting all over again. Thinking about life is good, too much thinking is useless and demotivating. Especially in combination with difficult words (with way easier synonyms!), it pisses me off to the point of not being able to listen or study this. My brain goes like ‘nope – useless’ and goes running around on green fields in the sun. Seriously. I don’t want to waste time on this… I mean, Internet is often useless as well, but that’s a different kind. Stop following me with obligatory nonsense and I’ll be very happy again. Until that day, you’ll keep seeing me pissed off.

And with a punk haircut. Promised.

As my name starts with an ‘A’, this was my ‘signature’ for when an assignment made no sense.

How do you handle obligatory useless stuff? Do you become a rebel or do you just do what you’ve got to do? Will you scream for anarchy or obey all the rules and swallow it all?

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  1. You need to break something or light something on fire.

    But really, life is full of useless nonsense. I think it’s important to recognize what’s useless and find a way to at least attempt to avoid it. People are the worst. For me it all comes back to the reasoning that we are instinctively only supposed to worry about survival and procreating. Now we have labels and we worry about being defined. As long as you know what it is you care about and what’s important you’re good. It’s easier said than done though.

    • I wish I could do so without feeling guilty :).
      You are absolutely right – alos about easier said than done. There’s lots of obligatory nonsense. What to do about that? If you can’t avoid it, it becomes even worse… Luckily we’ve got lighters… πŸ˜‰

  2. Strong and independent woman is being strong and independent, yo.

    The amount of freedom you suddenly experience when you finish school is really weird. It’s why so many kids fail, they end up smoking and drinking down the park instead of doing the pointless stuff.

    Unfortunately life is always full of pointless stuff, no matter where you are. It’s why you should go punk if the fancy takes you, as if you leave too late you’ll always wonder ‘what if’. University is the perfect time for some anarchical self-expression.

    I agree with Tim, you should smash or burn something. It’s amazing fun. I used to go to the woods with friends and light small fires, or hit trees with sticks. If we did that now, people would think we were perverts or terrorists.

    • Agreed- if I hadn’t had a bit of common sense, this freedom would totally swallow me and I’d be walking around drinking and smoking and being irresponsible. I’m able to combine it with some sense of responsabilty though, which is nice :).
      There’s always time for anarchical self expression I think! But I don’t feel the need that hard anymore. Most things here make sense. And for the ones that don’t, I’ll put on my most badass clothes and pretend to be very punk ;).

  3. Sometimes, all you can do is sit back and wait for teh useless bits to pass.
    Or make fun of those delivering the uselessness.
    but the best solution is to work on something that isn’t useless, even if you’re just working in your head.

    I bet you would rock the pink hair.

    • Pink hair hm? Well, who knows… πŸ˜‰
      I’ll keep on waiting, for the rest of my life probably, but still… Luckily there’s a lot that makes sense meanwhile. Otherwise I’d just go insane :p.

  4. Obligatory useless stuff? I often ignore it and hope it goes away or doesn’t see me.

  5. I pretty much loved most all my classes (and I’m obsessed with learning to speak Russian!) – it was an escape from the dole drums of being an adult. But I like to expand the rules and be a bit more creative – if I know the people involved well enough, they will indulge me. if a prof was too anal about useless rules (must be x sized paper, must have name on the right side blah blah blah) I’d drop the class πŸ™‚

    • You know Russian? If so, we should be talking in Russian here ;).
      I’m afraid that if I drop the classes, I will fail in life. So I swallow the nonsense and hope I wo’t choke on it… Hopefully ;).

  6. Guapo’s right. Sometimes you just have to sit back and let it wash over you and accept that there’s no way around it. Some nonsense is worth a fight and other nonsense is not. Choose your battles and rebellions wisely.
    My son has something called “Demand Resistance.” It’s crippling and self-defeating. Anytime there is a demand or expectation placed on him, he resists. He’s incredibly smart but failed in school because he refused to go along with anything he deemed useless. He ended up only hurting himself. He continues on this path. He should be getting a job, but again, he refuses – think of the countless things he refuses to do because he wants to live how he wants to live – in total freedom.
    I know you’re a far cry from this but I tell you it to illustrate a point. I think there’s a tempering process that goes on when we have to sit through some of life’s crap. Eventually you’ll be in a place where you can design your day and your life, with little interference from the outside world.

    • Hm, I get your point. Rebellion is good when you change something for the better, but not when you just ruin your own life… Living in complete freedom sounds like a lot of fun, but it’s an illusion I think. You can’t really be free if you’ve got no money or no rules in life. Boring, yes, and totally not what the title of this posts says, but it’s true after all…
      So don’t worry about me if you’d do so: I will do what needs to be done so I can have a good life. I’ll just take that hawk and then I’ll be able too stand the nonsense ;).
      As ever, thank you for your comments. I like the way you really think about what I write. You are so wonderful Lisa :).

  7. Depends on degree of pisstaking within the nonsense. If I can tolerate it and it will be just easier to have the pointless job done (and then later underline as to how pointless it was) then I shall do it. However, if something is seriously dumb and asking me to join in to the stupidity. NO. I shall scream for anarchy. Or at least make an enemy. People are too scared of making enemies these days.

    PUNK ON!


    • YEAH!
      You are so right – sometimes we all need to scream for anarchy some more. Too much nonsense isn’t good for anyone. But we’re all pussies ;).

      • Oh absolutely. Pussies, chickenshit or just generally afraid of making statements. Bah. That’s why I wear clothes not everyone has balls to wear πŸ™‚ That’s my personal little anarchy right there. I have always admired how punks styled their hair – so much dedication!

        Oh, A. Let’s write a punk ballet dance/script. Tulle, lace and leather with crazy hair! Take that, Swan lake/Tchaikovski!

      • Yeahh!!! Great idea! I’m in!
        I like that way of anarchy, it’s sort of mine as well. Like ‘you make you do useless stuff, but I’ll be wearing those clothes you can’t wear. NAH’ And then they go like ‘she’s got the guts…’
        At least, I hope so ;).

      • Oh A. – I have no doubt your style is admired by many πŸ˜›
        We’re stylish anarchists.

  8. “There was nonsense everywhere. Stupid rules, stupid people, stupid subjects. Useless subjects.”
    I am afraid that this will always be a part of life. Wherever you go you will meet this, whether it is school, uni or work. All you can do is make sure that the good over-weighs what you feel is bad or unnecessary.
    Believe me – I too had to learn this the hard way.

    • Yes, I’m afraid you’re right :(. It’s a part of life as you say, but every now and then I just need to let go of my frustration… And then I whine about it here ;).
      Hope your hard way has become some softer though!


     /  March 18, 2013

    I hate to tell you, but it never gets better LOL. We always wait for the next phase in our life that will change everything, but find ourselves implicated with more rules and more nonsense. Unless we can all age backwards like Benjie Button, we’re pretty much screwed. I guess it helps to think of it as just a ‘phase’…. the great part is, writing, or a creative outlet is a good way to let go of some of that frustration, or just for escapism purposes, which you’re already doing. And you’re pretty damn good at it πŸ™‚

    P.S. wanna follow each other?


    • Well, thank you for the compliment :)!
      It probably never gets better, but if I can whine about it every now and then, I will survive! You look like a nice girl – I’ll be reading your blog!


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